Looking for outsourcing R&D to stay at the top of the market with cutting-edge technology?
Good news, with our applied R&D we help you to create real-market solutions and make your investment in innovation worth.

Let us state this clear from the beginning:
We don’t do projects for you. We do projects with you.

We don’t act as an external institution. We are your applied R&D department in the field of polymeric materials.
We offer you research projects tailored to your needs, including support during implementation and commercialization.

We are highly selective with our clients and the projects we undertake.
We only work with clients if all of these conditions apply:

  1. We believe that our client’s mission and project make this world a better place
  2. The project has a solid business case behind with high market penetration
  3. Our client’s team has the same work ethic as our own team

Since we are very invested in every project we work, results speak by themselves.

That’s the power of win-win relationships in the field of applied research.

You focus on your business, we focus on keeping you at the edge of the market.

Work with us once, and you will repeat.


Polymer and biopolymer synthesis, modification and characterization
  • Dispersion, bulk and solvent polymerization
  • Block and graft copolymers
  • Hyperbranched polymers functionalization
  • Polymer nanoparticles
Nano and microencapsulation of active compounds
  • Matrix nature: Biopolymers or synthetic polymers
  • Capsule morphology: Matrix or core-shell
  • Performance: Protection, controlled delivery, stimuli responsive systems
Functional polymeric materials
  • Self-healing
  • Antimicrobial
  • Hydro/oleophobic and hydro/oleophilic
  • Dual curing
  • Flame retardant
  • Conductive polymers (thermal and electric)


Research such as:

  • Self-healing thermoset materials to repair impact damage
  • Biodegradable materials for food and bio-residues containment in spacecrafts
  • Epoxy resins modification to improve flame retardancy and thermal conductivity for aircrafts
  • Your next idea

Research such as:

  • Silicone materials for prosthetic for amputees
  • Controlled drug delivery with biopolymeric amphiphilic nanocapsules
  • Biomimetic adhesives for surgery
  • Encapsulation of moisturizers for cosmetotextiles
  • Your next idea

Research such as:

  • Waterborne hybrid polyurethane based adhesives
  • Depolymerization of polyurethanes to obtain recycled raw materials
  • Antimicrobial microcapsules for textile finishing
  • Superhydrophobic coatings
  • Nano and microcapsules for paper security markers
  • Your next idea

Research such as:

  • Crosslinkable thermoplastic polymers for selective laser melting (SLM)
  • New polymeric materials for fused deposition modeling (FDM)
  • Polymer particles for SLM by means of dissolution precipitation processes
  • Your next idea

Research such as:

  • Active ingredients encapsulation for animals feeding
  • Encapsulation of synthetic and natural biocides for insects
  • Nutrient controlled delivery in gastro intestinal tract
  • Your next idea

And research in many other sectors such as:

  • Packaging
  • Recycling
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Any sector where advanced materials are important (hint: yours is one of them)


Applied R&D

Custom R&D for your company innovation needs

From our knowledge to your new product

Together the whole project or helping at any stage of your development process

Know how &
Technology Transfer

Transfer and implementation of our own internal R&D adapted to your company needs

Technical support & consulting for your own projects

Technology Forecasting

State of the art research

Technology feasibility studies

Updated market & competitors analysis

Raw materials/technology providers search


Tailored training for your company

Dissemination & outreach events

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